How To Upgrade TomTom 930 Map
How To Upgrade TomTom 930 Map

How To Upgrade TomTom 930 Map

How To Upgrade TomTom 930 Map

TomTom is one of the leading GPS giving organizations in the market. TomTom 930 is one of the devices given by this firm for the use of general people. It’s a user-friendly tool and gives complete support and help to the users by giving comprehensive information about the routes and roads that they are willing to visit. Since roads are constructed rapidly hence in order to get right direction, it is important to How To Upgrade How to Upgrade TomTom 930 Map. There are times when a user might face some problem in the working of the device, and it would also influence the functioning of the device. While facing any problem in the invention, a user must visit our website and get full solutions for the problems they are facing. Read the blog till the end so as to simply perform How to Upgrade TomTom 930 Map.

How To Upgrade TomTom 930 Map

Solution 1:

To start with the process, extract folders from the zip package that you will download from the internet.

  1. Initially, have a glance at the folder, and whether the file you have downloaded is not a ZIP file, it means the data is already decompressed, and you can move to the next step.
  2. Occasionally, connect your TomTom 930 device to your system using a USB cord.
  3. Once when you have done it, hold for the system to damage the device.
  4. As the system damage the device, it will be appeared as an external storage drive in the system
  5. You are needed to browse to the map folder in the system.
  6. To ease your search, you must look for the country code, and you can recognize the map file because its name is composed using the country code.
  7. When you have found the necessary folder, you are needed to copy the whole files you extracted before into that folder.
  8. As the procedure of copying completes, disconnect your TomTom 930 device from your computer.
  9. When you have disconnected the device, restart your TomTom device.

Hence these are a few steps that would enable you to perform How to upgrade TomTom 930 Map. All the points are distinct, and they give full solutions for the problem. In case, this solution does not work; then move to the next solution.

Solution 2:

To start with this solution, make a finish backup of your unit’s contents before you do anything.

  1. The easiest method is by using Explorer instead of Home.
  2. As you perform the previous steps,  upgrade your firmware
  3. To know about the version your device is using hit the satellite bars.
  4. As you will do so, the next screen will appear the version number.
  5. Initially, you need to connect the unit to the computer and start Home
  6. As the device begins, it will provide upgrades for the product.
  7. When you observe the upgrades, click on them and allow them to download in the system.
  8. Once the download completes, you should install the upgrades in the device, and your solution will be straightforward to use

    Why Should You Update Your Tomtom ?

    1. Software upgrades– keeping the operating device of your TomTom with the current version ensures that any known bugs will be erased.  An up to date navigation system should continue to giving a smooth and snappy user experience.
    2. Map upgrades– keeping your TomTom maps up to date will certify that you continue to get the finest navigational routes,.

    This article will teach you how to How to upgrade TomTom 930 Map  for free, ensuring that it stays up-to-date on twain fronts!

    How To Update Your Tomtom via Wifi

    Whether you have a WiFi-enabled TomTom after that you don’t require to connect to your computer with a USB cord. We suggest that you connect to your home or office WiFi network. Utilizing a public internet network such as those found in hotels, cafes, etc will take much longer for you to download all of the required upgrades.

    When you have connected to your preferred WiFi network after that your TomTom will remember this connection – meaning that the next time you upgrade will be easier and quicker to finish.

    How To Update Your Tomtom By USB

    Whether you don’t have examine to a WiFi network or don’t have a WiFi-authorized device after that you can upgrade the GPS by connecting to the computer. In order to upgrade using USB then you will require to sign in to your MyDrive Connect account.

    Updating Older Tomtom Models

    A few of years back TomTom caused a furore with the announcement that they were ceasing support for their latest obsolete TomTom models. This was despite the fact that these systems were sold with the ‘lifetime upgrades’. This announcement in fact pretentious over 60 different TomTom models!

    TomTom explained that the older devices were impotent to use the current map upgrades due to a lack of memory space. In other words they are impotent to process the additional information needed in order to give the most up to date and precise information.

In case you experience any difficulty in the process to How to Upgrade TomTom 930 Map, then easily contact professionals. Call TomTom Customer support accessible at Fixtechsolution to get quick and finest support so as to perform it simply.

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