How to resolve the #NULL fault in Excel
How to resolve the #NULL fault in Excel

How to resolve the #NULL fault in Excel

How to resolve the #NULL fault in Excel

Microsoft Excel frequently get errors which can be very annoying for their users. Errors can happen in Office programs due to problems with your Office program or if you might do something incorrect in your document, slide, or Excel spreadsheet. In this post, we will appear you How to resolve the #NULL fault in Excel.

How to resolve the #NULL fault in Excel

Follow the steps below to resolve the #NULL error in Excel:

  1. Put a Colon
  2. Press a Comma

1] Put a Colon

Whether you are using a space in your formula or an wrong operator, for example, =SUM(A2 A3), Excel will return the #NULL error.

To resolve this problem, you should use the colon to separate the first cell from the end cell, for example, =SUM(A2:A3).  The colon is used to separate once you refer to a continuous range of cells in a formula.

2] Press a Comma

Excel will return a #NULL error once you refer to two areas that do not intersect, for example, =SUM(A2:A3  B2:B3).

Whether the formula sums two ranges, make assure that a comma separates the two ranges =SUM(A2:A3, B2:B3).

Why does #NULL show in Excel?

The #NULL error happens when you use an wrong range operator in a formula or once you use an intersection operator (space character) between range references. The #NULL error identify that the two ranges do not intersect.

How do I get remove of green error in Excel?

Whenever you get an error in your spreadsheet, you will look a green triangle on the left of the cell, where the error is; Follow the points below to turn off the green triangle.

  1. Hit the File tab.
  2. Click Alternatives on the backstage view.
  3. An Excel Options dialog box will unclose.
  4. Hit the Formulas tab on the left pane.
  5. Under the Error Checking portion, uncheck the check box for ‘Authorize background error checking.
  6. Hit OK.
  7. The green triangle in the error cell is displaced.


We wish this tutorial assists you understand how to resolve the Null error in Excel; whether you have questions about the tutorial, let us notice in the comments.

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