How To flip an image in Microsoft word
How To flip an image in Microsoft word

How To flip an image in Microsoft word

How To flip an image in Microsoft word

Microsoft is one of the most experienced players in the entire computing industry. The US-based company boasts the universal’s most famous operating system, which is generally known as Windows and has been hard at operate to introduce a latest iteration of it. How To flip an image in Microsoft word. The update came to life worldwide a little over two months ago, and now Windows 11 is being used as the go-to operating device for all compatible Windows PCs. Sure, a couple of queries can appear here, provided the situation’s complexity, but we’ve covered all that already in our Windows 11 update FAQ guide.


Eventually, coming back on the major topic, Microsoft has insert out a series of products for its mainline operating device. Only so that Windows could be productively accompanied by top-tier gadgets. One of them is Microsoft Office and Office 365, the differences between which you can examine out here. One of the main parts of the latter is Microsoft Word, a specialized text editor that consists of a range of valuable characteristics and a easy-to-use interface.

It has been given almost all the characteristics that a text editor can need for the most component, but it’s important to know that Microsoft Word can also perform common photo editing. There’s high stress on the word “general,” though there isn’t much this program can do outside of several functions. Whether you’ve been meaning to find out how to flip an image on Microsoft Word, after that you don’t need to venture any further.

In this article, we’ll talk about everything you require to know about flipping an image on Microsoft Word. We’ll make assure to include easy-to-understand terms so you won’t have to encounter any problem while understanding the technical jargon. Then, without wasting any further time, let’s talk about flipping an image on MS Word.

 How to Flip an image on Microsoft Word

The following points are going to take it from here.

  1. Your first point is to launch Microsoft Word and unclose the file containing the image you get to flip. Microsoft Word can be unclosed through the Office 365 program that comes pre-loaded on most modern-day PCs, and after that there’s an online version accessible as well. Pick your poison accordingly. We will utilize the in-built Microsoft Office program to generate a new MS Word file online for illustrative purposes.

Opening a new Microsoft Word document

  1. When you have a Microsoft Word document unclose that comprises images within itself, the next point is pretty uncomplicated. All you have to do here is hit on the “Picture” press to continue. Make assure that you’re clicking on the picture to choose it first and make the “Picture” press visible and accessible.

Clicking on the “Picture” tab on the Microsoft Word document

  1. Good job on making it this far. You easily now have to choose the “Rotate” button that’s right below the major top toolbar between “Wrap” and “Crop.” Hitting on it must reveal four different alternatives called:
  • Rotate Right 90°
  • Rotate Left 90°
  • Flip Vertical
  • Flip Horizontal

While the first two alternatives, Rotate Right and Rotate Left 90°, are helpful characteristics, we are concerned with Flip Vertical and Flip Horizontal afterward both are directly related to flipping an image in Microsoft Word. It currently totally depends on you which alternative you will opt for. Hitting on “Flip Vertical” would flip the picture sideways, whereas hitting on Flip Horizontal would flip the image from top to bottom. Hit on whatever sounds the finest to you, and that’s about it.

Flipping the image in Microsoft Word

That was quite simple way to flip an image on Microsoft Word. Thanks to the constant upgrades this text editor receives, it’s nowhere near tricky to crop, rotate, and even flip images on this software. Before we delve into the article’s end, there’s one more method to do this on Microsoft Word, and it’s a lot less involved than the traditional technique we have talked about above.

To flip an image in Microsoft Word, hit and drag the circular arrow previous the photo in the text editor. After that, you will drag the image back using your cursor, which would ultimately flip the picture. Note that this operates better for horizontal flipping and not vertical flipping, so it’s more suggested to do the former without diving into several extra points.

Flipping an image using another method in Microsoft Word

Currently that you’re aware of two different techniques of flipping an image in Microsoft Word, with both of them being relatively simple, you’ve reached the conclusion of the article.

How to Flip a Picture in PDF

Step 1: Load PDF

Unclose your PDF file by clicking the “Open File…” button on the main interface, or just easily drag the PDF document into the application.

flip picture in word

Step 2: Flip Image in PDF

Hit “Edit” button on top-left corner, choose the image and click the “Rotate” and “Overturn” buttons to flip the picture as the way you want it.

how to flip a picture in word

Step 3: Save PDF

After flipping and working as you require, hit the “File”>”Save” or “Save As” button to save the PDF directly.

How to Flip an Image in Word for Windows

Follow these instructions to flip an image in Microsoft Word for Windows.

  1. Unclose a Word document.

  2. Select Insert Text Box.

    The Text Box command
  3. Once the pop-out window appears, select Draw Text Box.

    To mirror images, text, or WordArt, these contents should first be placed within a Text Box.

    The Draw Text Box command
  4. Choose and drag to create a text box within the body of the document. It can be resized later if needed.

    An empty text box in Microsoft Word for Windows
  5. Type and format your text, whether applicable, within the newly-created text box.

    You can also insert shapes, WordArt, or images at this point using the same techniques you would use without a text box.

    A populated text box in Word for Windows
  6. When your text box contents are ready, right-hit the box so that its context menu appears, after that select Format Shape.

    The Format Shape command
  7. The Format Shape pane displays to the right of the document contents. Select Shape Options.

    Shape Options
  8. Select Effects, which is the middle alternative and resembles a pentagon.

    The Effects tab
  9. Choose 3-D Rotation so that its corresponding options become visible.

    The 3D Rotation heading
  10. Set the X Rotation to 180.

  11. You should now see a mirror image of the contents within the text box.

  12. The text box has a shaded background, which may not be something that you want. To displace this shading, go to the Shape Options tab, choose the Fill & Line icon, represented by a tipped-over paint can, after that select Fill No fill.


Microsoft Word is a highly refined text editor that has grown very popular in modern-day Computers and even other operating devices. You can use the browser-based version of this application on virtually any system and still come out on top with little to no issues. It boasts a wide variety of characteristics, yet one of the favourites that have led people to utilize it time and time again for heavy-duty requirements is its rudimentary photo editing abilities.

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