How To Fix entered Correct Password
How To Fix entered Correct Password

How To Fix entered Correct Password


Hotmail is a web-based Email Service also commonly known as Outlook. Hotmail is owned by Microsoft and is one of the major Email services worldwide. Occasionally users face problems while Hotmail Sign-in Error to their Hotmail Account such as problem in remembering the password.How To Fix entered Correct Password. There are cases when a browser does not allow the user to sign into their Account. If you have extra time then you can check the page of Microsoft blog on How to switch Hotmail password? If you want instant Support by Qualified Technicians, you can take Microsoft outlook assistance. At present, what feasible actions you should take are mentioned below:

How To Fix entered Correct Password

  • Commonly, users enter incorrect, password which causes a problem in signing in. Generally, existing users who have not accessed their Accounts since a long, face the problem of trouble in signing in for the first time after migrating to Outlook.
  • If you find your password is incorrect, click on “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions given.
  • Enter the Email address you are trying to unclose and fill in “captcha”. After that click on “Continue”.
  • Confirm your identity by choosing the security question alternative. Microsoft will ask a series of security questions related to your profile which you have to answer rightly.
  • Then enter your new password and move to the next step.

Switch your Browser Settings

  • If you are operating on Internet Explorer, Click “Gadgets” on the main menu and scroll down to choose internet options. Under the privacy tab, allow all Cookies to the browser.
  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools and Choose Privacy tools according to your needed. Check the “Accept all Cookies” and click Ok.

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