How To Fix Disable Touchpad Windows 10
How To Fix Disable Touchpad Windows 10

How To Fix Disable Touchpad Windows 10

How To Fix Disable Touchpad Windows 10

How To Fix Disable Touchpad  Windows 10 is an logical operating device that’s installed on cutting-edge computers, laptops, and PCs, which, whether we were to put it easily, are all the similar thing. Each Windows 10 PC, whether a gaming rig or a simpleton laptop, is made up of different parts. Some of these parts are a keyboard,  appear screen, and, obviously, a touchpad or a trackpad. On Computers, you’ll examine external mice doing most of the job, but for laptops, our heavy reliance is on the touchpads mentioned previously.

The common working of any touchpad or trackpad is very simple and easy to understand. The touchpad acts like the laptop’s mouse, allowing users control, direct, and browse around the device using a devoted cursor. You’re already well alert of what a touchpad typically does, so we do not need to get into these details. What we will talk about is the possibility offered in the case of laptops. You are free to connect an external mouse to it whether you don’t like using the touchpad.

How to fix Disable Touchpad Windows 10

1. Disabling the Touchpad in Windows Settings

2. Disabling the Touchpad in the Control Panel

2.1  Disabling Touchpad Completely

2.2  Disabling Touchpad When You Connect an External Device

2.3  Disabling Touchpad Clicks While Keeping Its Scroll Functionality

3. Disabling the Touchpad in Device Manager

4. Disabling the Touchpad via ETD Control Centre

5. Disabling the Touchpad via the Windows Registry

6. Use Third-Party Software

Why should you disable your touchpad on Windows 10

This is a modern practice among people who purchase expensive gaming laptops loaded with high-end technical specifications. Yet, unlikely, you cannot play competitive first-person shooters like Call of Duty Warzone, Destiny 2, Battlefield 5, and even Grand Theft Auto V on a trackpad. There’s just so much to cover, and the touchpad can’t do it all! In that case, you get yourself a shiny latest mouse, and you now get to damage the touchpad, so it does not interfere with your operate or gaming time.

Other than that cause, this decision is ultimately a subjective one. Few people think of the touchpad as a handy part, while others believe it is merely a burden that requires to be addressed. Whatever situation suits you, it’s worth noting down this important information, so you know what to do when the time comes.

Consequently, let’s now get into the solution-oriented component of this article and appear you how to damage the Fix touchpad on your Windows 10 Computer. Then without misusing any more time, let’s get correct into it.

How to damage the touchpad on a Windows 10 laptop

The following points illustrate how you can very simply switch off the touchpad and begin using your Windows 10 Computer without it.

  1. Unclose your Windows 10 “Settings” by either examining them through the Taskbar area or using the Windows search bar for a more easy time.

Hitting on “Settings”

2. The next point is to hit on “Devices” to get to the next part. The following screenshot will assist you paint a better picture.

Opening the Devices Option

  1. When you have done that, the next point is to hit on “Touchpad” in the left column. This will appear you touchpad settings. More specifically, this is where we’ll be capable to turn off the touchpad.

Clicking on the Touchpad settings

  1. Right after hitting on “Touchpad,” you will be taken to another page with different on-screen content. Above, you could simply toggle the touchpad on or off here, yet the developers have afterward changed this optimization. You now have to follow a couple of extra points to get this done. For now, hit on “Additional settings” under the “Related settings” part to continue.

Clicking on additional touchpad settings

  1. Doing so will unclose up another window on your PC. This is where you’ll lastly be capable to turn your trackpad off. Hit on the apparent “Damage” button and after that choose “OK” to finalize the procedure. You will require an external mouse at this point to continue using the laptop. Whether that’s not accessible, the keyboard will have to become your best friend.

Disabling the touchpad

That’s about it! You’ve prosperously learned how to damage the trackpad on a Windows 10 PC in just a couple of simple points. You can now quickly start using whatever external mouse you have hooked up to your Computer without having to worry about anything else.


Windows 10 PCs are both adaptable and complex simultaneously, yet that does not mean that this operating device is made only for professionals. It shows us with the littlest of details that you can utilize this system eventually you like. For example, you don’t require to utilize the trackpads that your laptop is shipped with. You can damaged it in many simple points and start using your trusty mouse whether you want to. In this article, we have appear you how to do that quite easily.

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