How To Fix connect Canon mx490 printer to Wi-Fi
How To Fix connect Canon mx490 printer to Wi-Fi

How To Fix Connect Canon mx490 printer to Wi-Fi

How To Fix Connect  Canon mx490 printer to Wi-Fi


Canon Pixma MX490 printer is one of the topmost quality printers that got adaptable usage. Being one of the spreading printer brands, Canon gives you the alternative to connect its printer over a cellular network. With the assistance of this, you can simply take advantage of network dividing at your operating offices. If you don’t know the procedure of this, then snatch  Canon Customer Service at once. Now, you will get the right steps to How To Fix Connect Canon MX490 Printer to Wi-Fi.

How to Fix Connect Canon mx490 printer to Wi-Fi


  1. Cautiously remove whole external protective material from the printer.
  2. Unclose the front paper expend tray and displace the cover of the scanner unit to reveal the cassette holder.
  3. Displace the cassette holder as well as its preservative material.
  4. Plug your printer to a power source by connecting one back to the printer’s worthy interface, while connecting the other to a wall channel.
  5. Turn on the unit and select your recommended language, after clicking the OK button and shut the unit.
  6. Initially, lift the scanner cover also to place the cassette holder in position. Close the lid.
  7. Rotate on the unit and hit the designation button. Select the cellular LAN designation by the Operation Panel.
  8. Click the OK
  9. Click the OK
  10. Select Access Point.
  11. Click the OK
  12. After, sustain it with the WEP key.
  13. Hit the OK
  14. Then, insert a complimentary CD and run the scheme with automated playback.
  15. Select the country where you live at this time. Tap Next
  16. Choose the simple installation and tap next.
  17. Choose “Use printer on the internet” and press next.
  18. Earlier, a printer perception window will appear. Click Next. Here select your printer and the connection will be finished.

Get in touch with Canon Customer Support for Help:

We wish that after following the previously mentioned steps, you would have prosperiously  How to Fix Connected Canon MX490 Printer to Wi-Fi. If not so, then contact with  Canon Customer Support experts accessible at Fixtechsolution . Call us whenever need, the experts will help you with the most worthy solutions whenever required.

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