How To check Laptop Battery Health On Windows
How To check Laptop Battery Health On Windows

How To check Laptop Battery Health On Windows

How To Check Laptop Battery Health On Windows

Windows 10 is an operating device that might comprise all the necessary punching power in functionality and characteristics. How To Check Laptop Battery Health On Windows.  Eventually, it still requires a host device or system to flaunt its purpose. This is where Windows laptops and personal computers come in, making it feasible to run this operating device efficiently. With that insert into due consideration, laptops aren’t made also to function forever.

They are battery-powered, and the universe hasn’t advanced to a level of technology where batteries never run out of charge. Consequently, it is not uncommon for laptop batteries to degrade over time. A person who has possessed a laptop for 5 years is certain to observe a important decrease in battery timing compared to once he first bought their laptop.

Consequently, whether you own a Windows laptop and have observed sluggish battery timings lately, it is a great cause to check your laptop’s battery health on Windows 10, especially whether you know you use an outmoded Windows laptop. In this article, we will be going through the simple and easy points of checking your battery health. So let us now begin the article without any more delay.


Checking battery health on Windows 10

The following points will guide you to check the battery health on your Windows 10 computer simply.

  1. In our first point, we will type “Windows PowerShell” in the search menu, and after that several alternatives will show on the screen from which we will hit on the arrow in front of our first alternative. After that, you will have to hit on the alternative named “Run as executor” to run Windows PowerShell as admin. Next, a pop-up will show asking for your permission to make changes on your device, where you will choose “Yes” to proceed further.


Run Windows PowerShell as administrator

  1. A blue Windows PowerShell will display on your Windows 10 screen where you will enter the following command:

powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery-report.html

After entering the command, you will press enter key to proceed onward.

Entering the command in Windows PowerShell

  1. When you have entered the command, drafting the battery health report will start. After a couple of moments, the procedure will conclude, and you will be observed that the battery health report has been saved to somewhere on local disk C, as appeared below.

Windows 10 battery health report saved

  1. Intially, consequently, you will go to your File Explorer program and find the battery health report saved there in the form of a Chrome HTML document. After examining it, hit on the file to continue.

viewing the windows 10 battery report

  1. After hitting on the battery health report, the system will consult you to verify your preferred browser choice. You can select anyone, as long as it gets the job done. After loading the Chrome HTML document, you will see a highly detailed battery report that will include all the information required. The outcomes will also appear you statistics relating to once you first bought the laptop versus its latest battery condition.

battery report

  1. All you have to do now is scroll down to the bottom section, where you can see the “Battery capacity history” section. In that area, you will see two columns: Design Capacity and Full Charge Capacity. Design Capacity is the level of your battery once you first bought the PC. On the other hand, Full Charge Capacity is how much your battery can be charged now about the Design Capacity. As you scroll down and get to more current dates, you’ll find that the Design Capacity and the Full Charge Capacity both decrease, yet to what extent that has occurred is entirely up to your laptop.

Battery capacity history


Your Windows 10 computer does not run on a renewable energy resource that will last forever and beyond. Instead, it uses batteries that provide out at a later period but not anytime soon. Consequently, it is a good idea to keep your battery health in check on an occasional basis, so you never have to run into a battery-induced issue instantly and see every potential headache coming from a mile away. Consequently, we have written this article to advice you with an simple method to check the battery health of your Windows 10.

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